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A slice of Paradise: Parrot Mountain and Gardens through the eyes of Mr. Bill.

Hello, fellow travelers! Today, I want to share with you a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – Parrot Mountain and Gardens. Join me, Mr. Bill an avid traveler with a unique perspective as a below-the-knee amputee, as we explore this enchanting destination that promises a symphony of colors, melodies, and tropical wonders.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

As I made my way to Parrot Mountain and Gardens, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement. The lush greenery and vibrant flowers that lined the entrance immediately set the tone for what would be an extraordinary experience. I won’t lie, steep, uneven terrain is difficult for me to navigate. The wonderful staff at the ticket booth realized that, and brought us a golf cart and driver to help us navigate the entire facility!

Chapter 2: A Tropical Oasis 

Upon entering the gardens, we were transported to a tropical paradise. The vibrant blooms and exotic foliage created a breathtaking backdrop. What truly sets Parrot Mountain apart is its collection of over 70 species of tropical birds, each with its own unique charm. As I strolled through the winding paths, the vibrant plumage and melodic chirps of the parrots provided a sensory feast that even my prosthetic limb couldn’t help but dance along to.


Chapter 4: Up-Close Encounters

One of the highlights of my visit was the opportunity for up-close encounters with the parrots. The staff arranged for me to interact with some of the birds, allowing me to appreciate their intelligence and vibrant personalities. These interactions added a personal touch to my experience and left me with fond memories.

Chapter 5: Feeding Frenzy

Parrot Mountain offers visitors the chance to feed these feathered friends. With a small cup of bird feed in hand, I marveled at the parrots’ gentle nature as they perched on my arm or shoulder to enjoy a snack. The joy of these interactions brought a smile to my face, creating a bond between man and bird that transcended physical differences.

Conclusion: A Tropical Haven for All

As I bid farewell to Parrot Mountain and Gardens, I couldn’t help but reflect on the unique and inclusive experience it offered. This tropical haven is not just a feast for the senses but also a testament to the power of accessibility in tourism. Whether you’re an avid bird enthusiast, a nature lover, or, like me, someone with a unique perspective, Parrot Mountain welcomes all to revel in its natural splendor. So, if you find yourself in Pigeon Forge, make sure to spread your wings and soar into the captivating world of Parrot Mountain – a paradise that transcends boundaries.

Be sure to check out their website or Facebook page for details on ticket sales, hours open, and all the other details.  You can check out their Facebook here… 

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