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Mr. Bill and Denise at West Shore Cabins in Vermont, June 2013

Welcome to Mr. Bill's Travel Blog!


I’m Mr. Bill, a below-the-knee amputee, photographer, computer geek, woodworker, and sometimes traveler.

After my amputation in January 2016, I realized how much I took for granted when I had both legs.

And then it dawned on me that there are others out there who may be “newly” handicapped and let it stop them from pursuing their passions, like traveling.

That’s why I started this blog—to share my experiences, the challenges of my destinations, and helpful insights so that you can “know before you go.”

Unfortunately, COVID put a pause on my travels, and I shut down the blog. But now, in 2024, I’m excited to announce that Mr. Bill’s Travel Blog is back!

After discussing with friends, I realized the importance of sharing my experiences as an inspiration to those who can’t travel or need valuable information. And guess what? I was able to reclaim the name on Facebook. It must be meant to be!

Denise, my rock for the last 15 years is the one I blame for giving me the travel bug.  Before I met her, I had never even been on a plane and here we are years later and hundreds of miles down the road!

Welcome to a world of inspiration, travel tips, and amazing destinations. Let’s embark on this journey together and find your next adventure!

So, Let the adventures begin…Again!

Connect and Inspire with Mr. Bill’s Travel Blog! 

Adventure Awaits!

Join our vibrant community of travel enthusiasts, Together, let’s create a space where thoughts, questions, and tips can flow freely.

“Have an idea for a blog post? Questions? Tips? Please, feel free to contact me!” –


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